Coromant Capto®

Coromant Capto® is a modular quick change system for turning centers certified according to ISO 26623. It combines highest stability and rigidity, at the same time highest flexibility in one system. Thanks to the short extension from the front of the spindle bearings and the long active distance between the spindle bearings you are able to reach higher cutting performance and better surface finish.


coromant-capto-1 coromant-capto-2 coromant-capto-3 coromant-capto-4



Why using Coromant Capto® toolholders?

  • Designed for your machine
  • Better Performance
  • Faster tool change
  • Use Coromant Capto toolholders for turning, drilling and milling operations
  • For high pressure coolant supply in connection with CoroTurn® HP cutting heads

WTO and Sandvik Coromant
WTO and Sandvik Coromant are leading in technology and competence, precision, quality and innovative developments. The strong partnership between these two companies exists since 1990. During that period of time WTO and Sandvik Coromant always developed solutions, to assure our common customers success.