The new Performance Series®

The Performance Series® is the new standard program from WTO, developed for high cutting performance. Optimized for each turning centre, this program combines innovative technology and top quality.

The higher cutting performance of the Performance Series® provides an enormous cost saving potential by reducing cycle time for drilling and milling. Through this, your machine will achieve higher productivity.

The Performance Series® is available for all current Turning Centers.

  • 50% to 100% more cutting performance
  • Up to 8 times higher accuracy at the workpiece
  • Internal cooling supply up to 80 bar (1160 PSI) available as standard option
  • Reduces production costs


Great to see on the DMG MORI NLX1500SY/500: multiple toolholders from WTO to multiply the available tools on turning centers with Y axis.
Additionally at 0:57:
Inclined bore
and at 1:45
Polygon turning
Number of cutting plates in the mill: 3

Ratio of rotational frequencies: 2:1